Web browser designed for computers connected to a TV
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Browse the web using an on-screen keyboard or by choosing one of the many available websites from the curated collection on the home page. The tool requires an HDMI or VGA device connected to the PC and works with in-air pointer remotes.

Even if your TV is not prepared with Internet connection, using Kylo you can convert it into a full-access Internet TV. Kylo is a web browser that runs from your computer and includes the most common Internet TV channels: TV, movies, music, news, sports, and games. It also has appropriate buttons and screen resolution for the TV. It just requires a HDMI or VGA wire connected from your PC to the TV.

Its operation is easy. Without having to look down at your computer, you can directly type in any Internet address thanks to its on-screen keyboard, and although the browser includes a large list of channels, you can add your own channel bookmarks, and edit or create new channel categories. If a page is bigger than the browser window, you can use the scroll bars to explore all its content. It also includes a zoom-in feature with the only disadvantage that when the zoom is activated the scroll bars cannot be handled.

From the settings, you can customize different parameters: the Kylo's behavior, like with different web browsers (Firefox, Google TV, Internet Explorer, iPad, etc.), adjust screen size, and more.

Finally, I think that Kylo has the exact resolution, right options, and well-sized navigation buttons to work on any flat TV just with the use of your computer's mouse/keyboard or any loop pointer. The only one extra requirement is that Adobe Flash Player has to be installed before running the application.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • With HDMI connection, no extra cables are required to connect the computer with the TV.
  • It works with Windows 8


  • When the zoom is activated the scroll bars cannot be operated.
  • If the TV is connected to the computer with a VGA connector, it will require to connect the audio separately
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